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We believe in making it as easy as possible to obtain auto financing, especially if you have had some credit issues in the past.

Here's a fact for you -- in today's automotive marketplace, the people with a credit ding or two outnumber the people with good credit. So stop worrying -- and start thinking about what you want to drive, and when you want to start driving it.

This Web site is part of a nationwide network of lenders, auto dealers and Web sites, and our company has processed 5 Million applications over the last 20 years. We protect your private information with state-of-the-art security, and we're in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Be sure to read our About Us section to see what all happens after you click Apply Now, and be sure to get your credit score before you go shopping. But all that aside, let's leave you with one quick thought.

If you have damaged credit, you're going to pay more, but probably not as much more as you might think. The difference between a four-year, $10,000 loan at 9 percent and one at 18 percent works out to be less than it costs to buy a can of Red Bull every day.

And an energy drink won't help you rebuild your credit!

Apply today! Our service is free and puts you under no obligation!

Let's Talk About Cars

Every page on this site has a quick factoid on top-rated cars, and a link to our top cars for bad credit page.

While we generally focus on best buys for credit-dinged customers, we start with the best vehicles for your best friend -- your dog.

According tothe experts at, the most paw-friendly vehicles on the market include the Honda Element, the Suzuki Forenza, the Scion XB, the Volvo XC70, the Dodge Caravan and the Buick Enclave.

Let's Talk About Credit

Let's start with a basic -- don't even THINK of going shopping for a car without knowing your credit score, especially since nowadays, you can get your credit score for free.

Secondly, if you know your credit is lousy -- stop applying, because every decline counts against you.

Car loans are a great way to rebuild battered credit, and we include some tips on our bad credit auto finance page.

Keep reading. We can probably help you out.

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